Why Buy Used Die Casting Machines?

used refurbished for sale buy sell die cast trim pressBuying used, reconditioned die cast machines can increase your profits by:

  • reducing equipment costs
  • reducing initial startup costs
  • reducing delivery time

These benefits can improve your return on investment by reduced expenses and speeding up delivery and startup, giving you the competitive advantage.

We sell used die casting machines and equipment

We sell used Cold Chamber and Hot Chamber Die Casting machines, including horizontal and vertical die casting machines. In addition to traditional die casting machines we also offer Semi-solid; Squeeze Cast, Rheocast, Thixocasting, Thixomolding, Metal Matrix and Rotor die casting machines.

Cold chamber high pressure die casting machines

Cold Chamber high pressure die casting machines are used for the Aluminum (Aluminum), Brass and Magnesium alloys as well as the more exotic die casting processes such as horizontal and vertical squeeze die casting, semi-solid, metal matrix and composite foundry molding (molding) and casting processes.  Other cold chamber brands that are not as commonly recognized include Harvill Machine, Inc., Polak, Vihorlat, and Wedgelock.

Hot chamber high pressure die cast machines

Hot Chamber High pressure die casting machines are used primarily for casting Zinc, Zmak (zmac), Magnesium, Lead and Pewter. There are two major sub-categories of hot chamber machines, traditional horizontal machines and multi-slide die casting machines. Less common hot chamber brands include: A & J, American,  DJ Machinery, DTI - Die Tech Industries, EMB Co. Ltd., Hishanuma, and Horla.  Many of these companies have been out of business for years.

Specialty Die Casting Machinery for Squeeze, Semi-Solid, Thixomolding and Rheocast

We are experienced in the sale of die casting machinery and equipment used in the more exotic processes. This is a rapid growth area especially in the automotive industry for components used in the steering and suspension systems.